Our Lady of Beauraing

In the year 1932, Our Lady appeared to Five Children in Beauraing, Belgium. The Visionaries were Gilberte Degeimbre, aged 9, Andree Degeimbre, aged14, Fernande Voisin, aged 15, Gilberte Voisin, aged 13, and Albert Voisin, aged 11. It all began on the Evening of November 29, 1932, when Fernande and Albert Voisin went to their school to fetch their sister Gilberte. On the railroad embankment, Albert saw a lady dressed in White robe. Their two friends, Gilberte and Andree Degeimbre, is also with them during the Apparitions. The next evening, the same event happened, again and again. On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, they went into ecstasy. On December 2, Albert asked the Beautiful Lady if she is "The Immaculate Virgin." Finally the Virgin Spoke for the First time. Albert asked: "What do you want?" the Beautiful Lady replied: "Be good always. " On December 4th they asked this question again to the Lady. at that moment, Fernande asked 2 questions from the Lady. The First one: "What day we must come?" The Lady replied: "The day of the Immaculate Conception." The Second question was: "Should we have a Chapel Built." "Yes", she replied. On the Last day of the Apparitions, Our Lady revealed to the Children, her Golden Heart. On July 2, 1949, the Bishop of Namur issued the Decree of the Approval of the Apparitions. Like in Fatima, Our Lady Emphasized the propagation of her Immaculate Heart.