St. Therese of the Child Jesus: Photo Gallery

Left: Les Buisonnets - The Martin family home in Lisieux after the death of Therese's mother. Right: The wheelchair used by Louis Martin in his last years and by Therese as she was writing her last manuscript - the Courtyard of the Carmel - 1897

Thérèse's Mama, Azelie-Marie, nee Guerin, [1831-1877] is on the far left;
to the right are her brother, Isidore and sister, Marie-Louise.

Left: Therese at Thirteen. Right: Therese's Father, Louis Martin

Left: Therese at Fifteen. Center: Postcard Image of Saint Therese. Right: Thérèse with her sisters and cousin, March, 1896.

Left: Photograph taken July 1896. Right: Photograph taken June 7, 1897. In her hand she holds her two of her favorite devotions: The Child Jesus of Messine and the Holy Face.

Left: Saint Therese's Reliquary at the Lisieux Carmel. Right: First Class Relic of Saint Therese

Left: Room of Saint Therese in the Convent. Right: The Virgin of Smile - Therese was healed of a serious childhood disease when the Statue smiled at her