The Green Scapular

On July 28, 1840, our Blessed Mother began visiting a Sister Novice named Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, from the religious order of Daughters (Sisters) of Charity in Rue du Bac, Paris, France.. Blessed Mother was to visit this holy saint five times in total and after Sister Justine received the habit of the Daughters of Charity, the Blessed Virgin again visited her, holding in her right hand her heart which was surrounded by fiery flames. In Mother Mary’s left hand was a small green cloth with a cord attached to it and the cloth had pictures on both sides of it.

On one side, a picture of the Blessed Mother as she had been appearing to Sister Justine and on the other side was a picture of Mary's Immaculate Heart pierced with a sword and aflame with extraordinary rays of light pouring from it. An inscription with the words, “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death” was written around her heart, and a cross was seen at the top of the flames. At the same time, an interior voice said, “By this means, God would bring to Himself, through the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary, those who had lost their faith or had been separated from Holy Church. They would be assured of a happy death, including eternal salvation.”

Since this time, spiritual and physical cures have taken place by means of this Green Scapular. It was twice approved by Pope Pius IX, once in 1863 and then in 1870. Pope Pius IX ordered the Sisters of Charity to make and distribute these scapulars when he stated, “Write to these good Sisters that I authorize them to make and distribute it.” Since then, it has been received as a sacramental of the church, well acknowledge and received.