St. Isidore

May 15

Isidore was Born in Madrid, Spain. As he was old enough to work, he entered the service of wealthy landowner. Everyday, before he goes to work at the Farm, he rose early to hear Mass. During Holidays, he would visit the Churches in Madrid and in neighboring districts. Some of his neighbors accused him of neglecting his work in order to go to Mass, Isidore told his employer, "I Know Sir, that I am your servant but I have another Master as well, to whom I owe service and Obedience." It is said that once, the employer went to the Farm to check on Isidore. The employer saw with him, two strangers helping Isidore plow the field. The two strangers were said to be angels sent by God so that he could attend Mass Faithfully. Isidore also helped the poor. Often he shared his meal with them. Isidore died on May 15, 1130 and people reported many Miracles through his Intercession. He is also the Patron of Farmers.