Purpose of this Blog

It was on the year 1917 that Our Lady appeared 6 times to 3 Shepherd Children, in Fatima Portugal. The Lady asked them to come to that place until October of the said year. Our Lady gave them warnings not just in Fatima, but also to the World. Our Blessed Mother's message was quite simple. Put Jesus back at the center of our lives. Ask for God's mercy. Make sacrifices and reparations for the ways man has offended God. And pray the rosary for peace and for the poor souls in Purgatory! Most importantly, our Blessed Mother brought us a message of hope! If we listen, and do these things, our merciful God stands ready to embrace us. Great sufferings and disasters, both manmade and natural can be averted! By this practice, faithfully observed, you will give Jesus more glory. We Encourage you to pray the rosary everyday with your family or by just yourself. Let's build awareness of the power given to mankind through the use of the rosary. Let's Pray for peace throughout the world and let's spread the use of this powerful weapon against evil.
It is the intention of this site to help Catholics develop a closer relationship with The Blessed Virgin Mary through the promotion of praying the Rosary and Christian teaching which will enable Christians to adhere to the straight and narrow path Jesus speaks of in the Gospels & also to his Mother, Mary. The Jesu et Maria Rosary Crusaders also continues to preach the good news of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and also the Holy Rosary.This site is dedicated to the Mother of Christ, St. Philomena & The Holy Family. In time more works from the Saints of the Catholic Church will be added to these pages.