Our Lady of Banneux

Mariette Beco was born in Banneux on the 25th March, 1921 and was the eldest of a family of seven children. During the Night of January 15, 1933, Mariette Beco is sitting at the kitchen window looking out onto the small garden, when suddenly, she saw a young lady who seemed to be all light and was very beautiful. When She saw this, she cried out: "look mother, it is Our Blessed Lady, She is smiling at me". Immediately she took out her rosary and started to pray. The Lady made it very clear that She wanted Mariette to go to her outside, but her mother prevented her to go out and suspects that it is a witch. Mariette returns to the window, but the Lady has disappeared. This Apparitions happened 8 times, starting on the year of 1933, just when the apparition in Beauraing had ended. On one occasion, Our Lady brought her to a little spring in the woods. Our Lady declared this water to relieve the sick. On another occasion, Mariette asked the beautiful lady of who she was. Our Lady declared to her as the "Virgin of the Poor." From that time on, many documented healings have taken over the years on this water. The Apparitions in Banneux was investigated from 1935 until 1937 by an Episcopal commission, after which the evidence collected was submitted to Rome. Meanwhile growing numbers of pilgrims came to the shrine, and in May 1942, the Bishop of Liege approved the cult of the Virgin of the Poor. In 1947 the apparitions in Banneux themselves received preliminary approval, with this becoming definite in 1949.