Saint Martin de Porres

November 3

Ana Velasquez, Martin de Porres mother, gave birth to him on the 9th of December, 1579. His Father, Don Juan de Porres, a Spanish gentleman, did not feel any love for his new born son, he had him baptized immediately. When Martin was 11 yrs. old, he was sent back to Lima, Peru to become a governor. Even before Martin had mastered all that his teacher could teach him, he had already begun visiting the sick to give relief. Martin did not want to becoma a priest, but he want to be a brother. When he was 15 years old, he entered the Dominican Order. His Fame spread all over Peru for he worked miracles & he even helped the poor. Many Regarded him as a Saint. Martin's love for the poor was extended even to animals. He even refused to kill mosquitoes, rats & mules. on One occasion, he told his friend John Macias, (who is now a canonized saint) that he would die on a day in November. On November 3, 1639, Martin died. He kissed the Cross, and closed his eyes, while the community stood around him singing the credo. He was later canonized, and made the Patron of social justice in America.