Our Lady of Guadalupe


Early in the morning of December 9, 1531, Juan Diego, a Christian Convert, is on his way to attend Mass In honor of the Immaculate Conception. Suddenly, Juan hears heavenly music and a woman’s voice calling him to the top of Tepeyac Hill which he is just passing. At the top of the hill he sees a radiantly beautiful woman, who reveals that she is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Beautiful Lady instructs him to go to the bishop and tell him that a temple should be built there in her honor. Juan Diego goes immediately to Tlatelolco to the palace of Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, a Franciscan friar. The bishop receives him kindly but the bishop didn't believe at Juan Diego’s story. The discouraged Juan Diego goes back to the top of Tepeyac Hill and admits his failure to the Virgin. The Lady directs him to go back to the bishop and repeat the request.

He went back again to the palace of the Bishop. The Bishop asks a proof that Our Lady really appeared at Tepeyac Hill. Juan Diego avoided the Hill for several days, but on December 12, he passed Tepeyac Hill, for he needed to find a priest to attend for his seriously sick uncle. Once again, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him. Juan Diego told her of the Bishop's request. Our Lady instructed him to pick some roses from the Hill, and bring it to the bishop.

Juan Diego went immediately to the Bishop's palace. When he opened his tilma, the roses fell to the ground and at the same time, the image of Our Lady appeared on Juan Diego's tilma. Several witnesses together with Bishop Zumaraga, saw this event. Juan Diego lived his life as a hermit in a small hut near the Chapel. He died in the year 1548 & was buried in the first chapel dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Today, an incredible list of miracles, cures and interventions are attributed to Her. Yearly, an estimated 10 million visit her Basilica, making her Mexico City home the most popular Marian shrine in the world. These apparitions in Guadalupe are fully approved by Archbishop Alonso de Montúfar in the year 1555. We celebrate the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12.